Positive Self-Talk – Corn Hole

I’ve continue to learn a lot  about positive self-talk from repetitive sports.

Table Tennis and Corn Hole are the two I’ve been experimenting with.

When I say repetitive sport, what I mean is these sports offer you tons of opportunities to quickly succeed or fail which is great for practicing positive self-talk and mastering your mental game.


Corn Hole and Your Mindset

While playing corn hole tonight I used positive self-talk to see how it could effect the accuracy and consistency of my tosses.

It feels a bit odd at first but after you begin to be rewarded for implementing it, it becomes an addiction.


Positive self-talk is the single most powerful technique for improving your mindset.


I always enjoy challenging myself and testing the power of my mind.

Tonight was no different.


My goal was to see how I could use the power of positive self-talk to improve my attitude, focus and accuracy with corn hole.


I started by giving myself a compliment out loud after each toss, whether it went in the hole or missed the board entirely.

I would look for something good about each throw.


If I had a terrible toss I would speak motovational words such as:

  • “You are dedicated and focused. You’ll improve on the next shot.”
  • “That was a great attempt. Breathe and slow down. Next one is in!”
  • “Awesome follow through. You got this!”


If I had a great toss, I would give myself a compliment such as:

  • “You are getting this. Keep going!”
  • “What a shot! Let’s keep this momentum up!”
  • “Your gaining confidence each and every shot!”


No matter what happened positivity reigned!



Repetition, Repetition, Repetition

What’s great about participating in repetitive games like corn hole, is the fact that you can practice positive self-talk repetitively.

It becomes a habit much faster as you are repeating this positive self-talk several times per minute!



Here is a photo that shows 3, but there are actually 4 bags in the hole. 2 of the bags were a very challenging shot that I knew wasn’t easy.

I challenged myself and said “I can do this” and without even a hint of doubt I threw the bag and it dropped two difficult to sink bags into the hole.

I am not saying that all you have to do is be positive and your game will instantly improve.

Absolutely not.

Here is what I am saying:


Your odds of getting bags in the hole and scoring points will increase as positive self-talk increases your confidence.


Practicing without beating yourself comes with an added bonus.

This positivity creates a powerful energy that makes you want to throw more bags.

More bags = more practice and more repetition.


Repetition, repetition, repetition. The problem is we expect to be self-confident, but we can’t be unless the skill, or the task we’re doing is not novel, is not new to us. – Dr. Ivan Joseph


Repetition is how you become skilled and confident.



Trust The Process

The next set of bags I threw didn’t go as well.

As matter of fact, I didn’t even get one single bag in!


I had just written notes on how positive self-talk had truly helped me and now, NADA!


This is where your brain and negative self-talk tries to weasel itself in.

You start to think to yourself, “I’m being positive and this doesn’t seem to be working.”


You have control over these voices. Stop them in their tracks and replace them with positive self-talk.


Don;t forget to be reasonable in your expectations.

How many attempts had I given this positive self-talk experiment?

Maybe 2-3 sets!

Is it fair to expect results this quickly? ABSOLUTELY NOT!


This technique takes time and self-discipline.

Give it the time it deserves and you will be rewarded.


One of my favorite phrases is :


Trust the Process.


This is an instance when this phrase must be stated, understood and put into practice.

Positive self-talk does not mean you will win every game, always throw a great bag and always be positive.

It simply positions you for greater success, increased confidence and a more positive energy.



Action Steps

How can you use your new found skill to improve your racing?

Here are the 3 steps I want you to take starting today. YES! Today!


Step 1:

Begin by becoming aware of your self-talk whether it be positive or negative. Begin writing down the things you say to yourself.

This is a self-assessment to see where you are at and where opportunity lies.

It shows you how often you beat yourself up and helps you realize the importance of todays discussion.


Step 2:

Practice positive self-talk by taking part in a repetitive sport such as:

  • Corn hole
  • Tennis
  • Table tennis
  • Hitting golf balls – high risk LOL

Before and after each shot create your own set of phrases to say out loud or to yourself. (out loud has a stronger and faster effect)

  • “I got this!”
  • “Next shot is mine!”
  • “Focus and breathe.”


Step 3:

Repetition, repetition, repetition.

The more you practice, the more these skills become ingrained into your brain.

Repeat this technique daily for 45 days.




Even though playing sports each day can be a tough task to complete.

Use the power of positive self-talk in your everyday life to keep your momentum going.

For example:

If you are driving to work and someone cuts you off say, “You took my line, great job, I’ll win tomorrow morning.”

I know it sounds silly but I promise you…THIS WORKS!


It feels odd at first. Trust the process.


Your positive self-talk becomes who you are.

  • You begin to look at things with a more positive spin.
  • You start to become more positive and more confident.
  • You start walking with more of a spring in your step. Chin up, chest out.

People around you start to take notice and things just seem to “Go your way.”

Have fun, trust the process and share your success below!


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