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Finding a mental performance coach that fits your needs can sometimes be as stressful as knowing your mental game is off and is your biggest opportunity to improve.

In this article, we’ll cover the 5 things to look for when finding a mental performance coach for you.

This article is designed to help you save time and save money by not making the mistake of going with the wrong coach which can cost you money, time, and wins!

Let’s start off with a quick definition so we’re very clear out of the gate as to what a mental performance coach is.

What is a Mental Performance Coach?

A mental performance coach is a coach, therapist, or psychologist who helps high-performers, athletes, or executives improve their mental skills.

The skills a mental performance coach teaches are:

  • How to overcome fear.
  • Ways to respond instead of react.
  • Becoming more resilient.
  • How to improve focus.
  • Viewing obstacles as a challenge, not a threat.
  • Ways to enter a flow state.
  • Managing your emotions.
  • Becoming more mindful.
  • Silencing the inner critic.
  • Managing high-pressure situations.
  • Letting go of emotional attachments.
  • Acceptance of mistakes and failures.
  • Mastering the skill of dynamic imagery.
  • Priming your emotional state.
  • Becoming more present.
  • Anxiety and stress management.
  • Not comparing yourself to others.
  • Ways to stay motivated.
  • Recovering from a poor performance.
  • Time management.
  • Setting daily intentions.
  • Finding gratitude in the face of failure.

I realized I could keep going with this list however I feel this is substantial enough for you to understand the tremendous gains that await you when choosing the right mental performance coach.

The beauty of mental coaching is the fact that if you’re an athlete you’re improving your life while also approving your sport or discipline.

Skills learned with mental coaching are skills that can be used in relationships, at work, at the track, or on the field.

Essentially are life skills end can have a dramatic impact on your perception of “who you are” as well as how you interpret your experience in this world.

Let’s get into things to look for when finding the best mental performance coach for you.

Understand that as a mental performance coach myself I will of course have some biases however I will do my best to give you information it is not just seen through my eyes but also the eyes of many clients I’ve worked with as well as other professionals.

The 5 Best Ways to Find a Mental Performance Coach

These are the 5 best things to look for when finding the perfect fit and the best mental performance coach help you optimize your mental game.

1. Vibe

Finding the best mental performance coach should start with finding someone who you click with or “vibe” with.

You’ve got to understand that you will be revealing things to someone that you may have never told anyone in your life ever before.

This creates a deep and extremely valuable relationship with you and your coach as you go on this journey together.

Just like dating, you need to make sure you feel extremely comfortable in the relationship and the vibe is right.

If you are a little more playful and extroverted you may feel more comfortable with a mental performance coach that has similar characteristics as you.

A high-energy athlete can sometimes find balance with a lower energy mental coach but I find high vibes desire high vibes.

Most mental coaches have YouTube videos, audios, or testimonials to give you an idea as to what their vibe is.

If they pass this test, reach out via a call as most mental coaches are very kind, caring, and just want to help people live their best life.

They look forward to phone calls from those interested in their services.

2. Coaching Philosophy

Different mental performance coaches have different philosophies.

Some may choose more of a cognitive-behavioral approach such as a psychologist.

Other coaches may choose to ask more questions to get you to come to your own conclusions.

All coaches have their own way of both motivating and inspiring you.

The best way to figure out a coach’s philosophy is to check out their website or simply give them a call.

Face the fact that you are frustrated enough with your results and now it’s time for a change.

3. Coaching Interactions

This is something not too often spoken of yet is ridiculously important.

Most mental coaches offer a 45-minute phone call or Zoom call either weekly or bi-weekly.

My experience has revealed that finding the time for two humans to interact at the same time by phone call or virtually can be challenging and frustrating.

In today’s world, people are super busy and sometimes scheduling can delay the process of getting the coaching you need.

In addition, this once a week or once every two weeks style of interaction leaves a lot of time in between for you to forget some insights that may have been extremely valuable to share.

My one-on-one coaching is via a voice message system and is a 5-7 day a week process so we are always learning, always growing, and always on track on a daily basis.

This is a more intense approach that I find yields faster and more effective results as well as forms a stronger and more valuable relationship between coach and client.

For those looking for a less intense experience group coaching exist in some markets.

Our group coaching offers to live calls a weekend 5 days of accountability in the group setting can be offered at a dramatically lower price point.

The key is finding a coach who interacts with you in a time frame that works for your schedule and for how you best learn and act on information.

Ultimately, what’s most important is for you to stay focused stay on track, and keep improving.

4. Niche

One of the best strategies for finding the best mental performance coach for you is to find one who “speaks your language.”

Here at RAK Racing, we focus on Motorsports and understand both 2 and 4 wheel sports as we have competed and been a part of both the motorcycle in the auto industry for years.

An executive looking for a mental performance coach may want to find a coach with a business, branding, and marketing background.

We own RAK Tennis and understand the game from the perspective of a player which is extremely important.

With that said, all mental skills taught by a high-performance mindset coach transfer across all disciplines and facets of life.

I ranked “niche” fourth because I feel vibe, philosophy, and frequency of interaction are far more important than finding a coach in a specific niche.

Ultimately that decision is yours so consider trusting your gut on this one.

5. Value

What good would this article be if I didn’t cover the cost of mental performance coaching to give you a better idea as to what to expect?

I will share a range of coaching fees that I am aware of yet please keep in mind there is a wide variety of fees based on the popularity and results of the coaches you will contact.

You’ll find that Executive coaching is often the most expensive as your typically working with CEOs, and other C-level executives where there is a lot of money at stake and coaches price at a higher rate.

Let’s talk about some examples of fees that I am aware of however keep in mind these are rates for some of the top mental performance coaches we’ve come into contact with.

As with anything, I’m sure less expensive exist but most people are so frustrated by the time they reach out to a mental skills coach they want results and are often prepared to get them at any cost.

Here are three fee schedules that I am very aware of and I will not mention names but at least you’ll have a better idea as to what to expect.

Mental Performace Coaching Fees

The typical fees found for high level mental performance coaches are:

  • A professional mental performance coach for football – $650/ 45-minute call.
  • F1 mindset performance coach – $10,000 commitment for 6 months.
  • $1,000-$2,000 per month fees are common and closer to the norm.

As with anything, I always recommend looking at the value instead of the cost alone.

I’m surprised how many times bonuses are paid to athletes and executives based on their shift in mindset that more than pay for the mental skills coaching assistance they had.

Anything with a cost should always be looked at for the value it provides and mental skills coaching can pay for itself as it can help you live your best life.

What value does that offer you?

Next Steps 

If you’ve read to this point then consider this extremely valuable next step.

Reach out to someone and get a conversation started now.

Contact us if you’re in Motorsports, Tennis, or an action sport.

To read this article and not take action when you know it’s needed will just allow the same mistakes and same patterns to continue to repeat themselves.

Start imagining what is possible, start thinking about your true potential, and reach out to someone or us today and get a conversation started that could literally change your life.